"Das Walters"

Small & fine restaurant in Biberwier

Das Walters has a very special name, which was fixed from the beginning: "Walters" after our dear grandpa Walter from Biberwier. Our name is also pretty much the only thing that was easy to find and simple to determine. Everything else was a long journey. A journey between fast talking and long philosophizing about the culinary delicacies of the Alps and about gourmet excursions beyond the local borders. It was a journey, through knowledge and ignorance. A journey between losing one's nerve and finding new motivation. A journey between setting principles and finding compromises.

The result of this journey: Our small and fine Walters.

A special kind of pleasure, pace and place

Wherein the clocks tick a little slower on purpose

Classic. Elegant. Traditional. Creative. This is how the cooking style of our chef Manuel can be described. Inspired by the international culinary world, he reinterprets the traditions of Austrian cuisine in his own way. In doing so, he attaches great importance to the use of local products, which he obtains mainly from our partners in the region. For the genuine Tyrolean it is also his special concern to bring typical specialties of the country on the plate. His secret passion: patisserie. He rounds off culinary delights with unusual dessert creations.

Conscious enjoyment also takes a high priority at our Walters. We would like to offer a framework for the conscious celebration of these special moments of pleasure. The Walters should be a place to linger. Where you can fully indulge in the pleasure of slowness and where a great passion is shared - that of food.

Two toques full of pleasure

The creative cuisine of our kitchen artist Manuel and the outstanding performance of his team at Das Walters have been crowned with two Gault Millau toques.

Two toques that stand for exceptional flair, culinary surprises, perfect taste experiences with a twist, an all-round feel-good package and exceptionally good service.

Nevertheless, the satisfaction and enthusiasm of our gourmets, our guests, is probably the best compliment. 

To warm up


Ehrwalder goat pots

Wild garlic/radish/topinambur/tuberous cicely€ 17.00

Char from Biberwier

Smoked eel/sweet potato/kohlrabi/chives€ 18.00

Small green salad

€ 8.50


Clear beef soup with root vegetables and lovage

Frittatas, cheese dumplings or tyrolean dumplings€ 9.50

Parmesan cream soup

Pickled cherry tomatoes/basil€ 9.00

To heat up

Main course

Walters Wiener Schnitzel from veal

parsley potatoes/pickled cranberries€ 30.50

Short rib and beef sirloin from Angus beef

BBQ/corn/pepper/mushroom cream€ 52.00

Fillet of Biberwier salmon trout (vegetarian possible)

Beluga lentils/onion/cream foam/capuchin cress€ 37.00

Pink roasted loin of salt marsh lamb

Andean gold/poverade/melanzani/black garlic€ 44.00

Stewed tomato risotto

Capers/green asparagus/herb salad€ 21.50

Homemade chanterelle tagliatelle (vegetarian possible)

Pea/bacon/arugula€ 23.50

Heart melting closing


Homemade ice & sorbet

4,50 € per scoop

Valrhona Ivoire 35%

Strawberry/rhubarb/hazelnut€ 18.00

Curd cheese dumplings

Honey crèmeaux/plum/yoghurt-lime ice cream€ 18.50

Time for a little break...

Year 2023: 24.11. - 01.12.2023

Year 2024: 23.01.-31.01.2024 / 28.05.-19.06.2024

Dear ones, we also need a short break from time to time for new inspiration so that we have a clear mind again for creative culinary experiences. After all, we always want to get the best out of ourselves for you. :) 

*Guests from our chalet village LaPosch will still be spoiled with culinary delights during this time with a delivery gourmet (chalet menu).

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