To warm up


Braised beet

Fresh goat cheese from Ehrwald/nuts/raspberry vinegar€ 17.00

Char from Biberwier

Smoked eel/sweet potato/kohlrabi/chives€ 18.00

Small green salad

€ 8.50


Clear beef soup with root vegetables and lovage

Frittatas, cheese dumplings or tyrolean dumplings€ 9.50

Parmesan cream soup

Pickled cherry tomatoes/basil€ 9.00

To heat up

Main course

Walters Wiener Schnitzel from veal

parsley potatoes/pickled cranberries€ 30.50

2 pieces of Angus beef [back and cheek]

Corn/pepper/mushroom cream€ 51.00

Fillet of Biberwier salmon trout (vegetarian possible)

Beluga lentils/Romanesco/onion cream/creamy mousse€ 37.00

Pink roasted loin of salt marsh lamb

Andean gold/poverade/melanzani/black garlic€ 44.00

Asparagus risotto

Wild garlic/stewed cherry tomatoes€ 23.50

Homemade tagliatelle (vegetarian possible)

Mushrooms/peas/bacon/rocket€ 21.50

Heart melting closing


Homemade ice & sorbet

4,50 € per scoop

Valrhona Ivoire 35%

Strawberry/rhubarb/hazelnut€ 18.00

Curd cheese dumplings

Honey crèmeaux/plum/yoghurt-lime ice cream€ 18.50